Flower Crochet/Desert Rose Air Freshner


Swier Flower Crochet/Desert Rose “Vars Asempie” Printed Flower Air Freshener:

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Swier Flower Crochet/Desert Rose “Vars Asempie” Air Freshner:

Swier “Vars Asempie” Double–Sided Printed Flower Air Freshener stimulates a fresh sense of smell and is offered in two lovely fragrances namely Tobacco Vanilla and Opulent.

Each air freshener is shaped in a flower form and has a different printed flower design on each side and comes with and elastic string and is individually sealed and wrapped.

Our “Vars Asempie” Flower Freshener meaning Fresh Whiff of Air, fits in nicely with the Swier flower product range and will make the ideal small gift and can be used in cupboards, drawers , rooms, offices and cars


  • Long Lasting Scent
  • Double-sided digital print with different pattern on each side
  • Size: 72mm x 77mm
  • Flower pattern
  • Fragrances: Vanilla and Opulent

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Opulent Scented-R30, Vanilla Scented-R30

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