Anika Lekker Ruik Jakkie


Anika Lekker Ruik Jakkie- Swier”Lekker Ruik Jakkie” fabric softener refill bag holder.

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Anika-Lekker Ruik Jakkie

Swier “ Lekker Ruik Jakkie”  is a useful printed fabric pouch with Velcro closure designed specifically as a holder for your fabric softener refill bags.

The obvious solution to beautify and stylishly conceal a fabric softener bag, whilst still deodorizing your environment.

Looks great in your car, in your cupboards and under your bedding

These are also novel gift ideas for a loved one and a very handy gift for you.

Size: 55cm x 12xm

100pct polyester printable fabric for easy care

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