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Swier Insulated Cooler Fabric Basket Bag with Plastic Liner Box – Zipped

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Nicollette-Elsa Cooler Bag

Swier insulated cooler fabric basket bag, in association with Louis Bags, is the perfect stylish, floral cooler carry bag with plastic liner box, to hold and protect your valuables and accessories.

Large capacity& multi-function, can be used as picnic bag, sundry bag, shopping bag, but it also has heat/cold/fresh preservation, can be used to pack frozen food, hot dishes, frozen drinks, ice cream, etc.

This cooler can keep your drinks cold as well as your food warm. These bags are made from durable, high quality, locally produced fabrics and have a plastic liner box on the inside to provide a sturdy frame with all seams finished perfectly for a professional look. The bag Insulates well as it can completely zip closed.

Our bags come in two sizes and there are a variety of colour options and designs to choose from.

Simply remove the plastic liner box to wash your bag for life!


  • 100pct polyester for easy wash
  • Insulated
  • Reusable
  • Removable inside plastic liner box to provide sturdiness to bag
  • Small – 330(L) x170(W) x240(H)
  • Large – 390(L) x260(W) x240(H)

Read more about the different Swier Materials.

Additional information

Cooler Bag Size

Small bag 33x17x24cm-R750, Large 39x26x24cm-R880

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