Houdini Cloth Whisper-2 pack


Swier Whisper Houdini Wonder Cloth, Two Pack.

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Swier Whisper Houdini Cloth

The Houdini Wonder Cloth Two Pack is made from microfiber fabric that cleans everything like magic! Combined with our lovely Swier designs, you can now clean in style.

Each Pack contains one printed cloth and one matching colour coded plain cloth.

The Houdini Wonder Cloth is a make-up remover, safe electronics wipe and general cleaning cloth like no other!

Simply dampen with warm water and experience how it gently lifts away dirt, oil and makeup. No need for costly disposable cloths anymore. They’re super absorbent and soft enough to scrub over your sensitive facial skin! The Houdini Wonder Cloth is the best way to safely clean your electronics.

Slightly dampen our cloths to clean fragile surfaces like pc screens smart phones, tablets and TVs. Use also to clean your spectacles, windows, glass and so many more surfaces.


  • Size: 24cm x 24cm
  • Two cloths in 1 pack
  • Soft, washable, reusable

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