Kayla Microfibre Gym Cooling Towel


Kayla Microfibre: Swier Printed Cooling Towel 25cm x 70cm


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Kayla Microfibre Gym Cooling Towel

Keep Fashionably Cool with our Swier Printed Cooling Towel

Our cooling towel keeps you refreshed during any sports and outdoor activity whilst still making you look cool!

Our cooling towel is made from a soft hydro active material which cools instantly.

It’s highly absorbent and gentle on the skin for use during or after your sport, gym session or to simply keep you cool whether indoors or outdoors – an absolute must-have for any hot day!

To activate: wet it, wring it and shake it, then wrap around your neck for instant cooling relief while it regulates your body temperature

When it dries simply re-wet and it’s reactivated again

It’s super absorbent and can also be used to wipe away excess sweat and water when dry

The Swier Printed Cooling Towel can be used for a wide range of activities, like gym sessions, cycling, athletics, hiking, golfing, gardening etc.


  • Instant Cooling Relief
  • Unisex – various printed designs to choose from
  • Microfibre super absorbent fabric
  • Light and comfortable for easy storage and carry
  • Reusable and Machine washable for easy care
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 70cm

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