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Marinda Potjiekos Sauce 3 sauces in one package.

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Marinda Potjiekos Sauce

You know me as a person who prepares quick and easy food. Partnering Alvin Bruinders, I have for the past few years been a judge of a “potjie -kos” competition series on television. There I noticed how uncertain many of the participants were on which fluids to add to their “potjies”. This varied from red wine to water, stock and even fruit juices.

I developed these sauces to remove this uncertainty. It can be added to “potjie-kos” as well as stews. All you need is one packet of sauce, 500 grams of meat plus 500 grams of vegetables and a pinch of salt. I can promise you that your guests will ask for more. There are three varieties and all three are included in the package.

These sauces also come in very handy for campers who want to avoid packing a lot of bottled sauces and packets of herbs.

  • Sauce for red meat
  • Sauce for white meat or fish
  • Sauce for the preparation of curries.
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