Tia for your cell phone or tablet, multifunctional microwave heatable wheat bag.

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Tia Poembag for your cell phone or tablet.

Our Multifunctional Wheat bag can be used as both a microwave heat pad and an ice pack, for almost any area of the body. Wheat bags are specially designed to warm the shape of many different body parts to provide comfort and pain therapy where it is needed most.

Should you simply need warmth while watching TV or sleeping in your bed, our Swier Poemsa and Poemta wheat bag is just what you need during the cold winter months.

Since it’s a clever multifunctional product, it is specifically also designed to be an attractive cellphone or tablet holder to keep on your counter top or beside table.

Who says cellphone/tablet holders can’t be decorative and stylish!

Swier has cleverly designed the Poembag wheat bag to offer you the best of both worlds.

Swier Poembags are manufactured at our Cape Town factory and the wheat is locally sourced in Moorreesburg

Fabric used: Swier natural and our plush velvet

  • Warm up in microwave (600 - 800 W = 2 minutes)
  • Warm up in microwave (850 - 1.000 W = 90 secs)
  • Only reheat from room temperature
  • Heated products shouldn't be given to children under 3 years.

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