Swier Camouflage Mask


Swier Camouflage Printed 3 layer Face Masks, Re-usable, Washable and Unisex.

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Swier Camouflage Face Mask

Swier 3 layered fabric facial masks provide a unique opportunity to promote a positive message of hope by displaying beautiful and colourful designs that may match your clothing to look like any accessory! Also, in the case of children, floral patterns or fun designs may encourage them to wear them more.

Swier masks are tailored for comfort and printed in our unique designs. Find the design that expresses your (or your child's) style.

Our fabric facial masks come in adult and kids sizes. Our masks have a classic textile touch and are soft and comfortable to wear. Wearing a mask is one way we can all be careful, along with social distancing and washing our hands. It reduces both the risk of you getting infected, and you infecting others.

Face masks are made to protect you, your family and your friends from harmful particles in the air.

Important to note, our masks are not intended for a medical use and are made for a personal use ONLY.


• 3 Layer designer themes
• Adult and kids sizes available
• Easy care , re-usable, machine washable
• Soft touch
• Facial accessory

How to wear a face mask?

In order to maximise the efficiency and comfort of your face mask, it is important to position it and to wear it correctly.

Here are some steps to help you set up your mask:

1. Wash your hands with care before putting on the mask (for at least 30 seconds)
2. Take your mask by the elastic bands and turn it to face the right position.
3. Position it on your face, and place the elastic bands behind your ears.
4. Adjust your mask in order to make it properly cover your nose, mouth and your chin so there is no risk of contamination.
5. After this, try to avoid touching the mask during the day so the particles that are on it do not get into contact with your hands.

Read more about the Swier Materials.

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