Swier Denim BF for Kids


Swier Denim Kids 100pct Polyester Printed BF, comfortable and breathable with Moisture management – One size fits all.

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Swier Denim Kids BF

Introducing our New Swier BF range - made from 100pct polyester circular knitted fabric.

Whether it's around your neck, over your head or on your wrist, our bf's are both breathable and stretchable helping to provide extra warmth, designed to offer moisture management keeping the skin dry.

This together with our beautiful printed images will make your trip going out during lock period or exercise session so much more fun and yet still offer a form of protection.

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Product Features

  • Fabric 100% Polyester(120GSM)
  • Various ways to use multi functional item
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Unique printed design
  • Moisture management
  • Fit Adult: One size
  • Unisex designs

Please Note: Wearing a mask or a BF will not protect the user from contracting the Covid 19 virus.  Regular washing of hands with soap and water, social distancing and other sanitation behaviour is still required by all users.

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Large Full Length R620, Medium Full Length R620, Small Full Length R620, Large Medium Length R575, Medium Medium Length R575, Small Medium Length R575, Large Short Length R450, Medium Short Length R450, Small Short Length R450