Towel Cloth Head Turban-Mokka


Swier Mokka Head Turban, Towel Cloth Houdini Hair Turban microfiber towel.

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Mokka Head Turban, Towel Cloth

The Houdini Hair Turban microfiber towel is a fast drying towel so that your hair dries naturally.

When hair is wet, it becomes much more vulnerable and more prone to breakage than normal and that’s where our Houdini Hair Turban works well in wicking moisture away quickly.

The Houdini Hair Turban displays our colourful, stylish printed floral Swier designs, Streamlines your hair drying routine!!!

The Houdini Hair Turban is specifically designed to perfectly absorb all the extra moisture in your hair while staying secure and comfortably on top of your head as you get busy with other tasks.


  • Size: One size fits all
  • Beautiful Swier Printed design
  • 100pct polyester microfiber for easy wash care
  • Super absorbent
  • Rapidly drying your hair
  • Streamlines your hair routine

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